Tasting Room Wines Wine Scoring

I do my best to rate wines based on objective factors like complexity of flavors, overall balance and structure, etc.   These are my own scores and evaluations based on my palate and what I might smell or taste can and will be different from others. I will try and explain why I might like or dislike a wine, but again these are just my own subjective opinions. Industry analysts estimate that at least 75% of all wines produced are never rated by any wine critic! So let’s get to work on that 75%!!

Below are the Cork Rating Score Reference.

0 Cork =   50-74 Points: Bad, Not Recommended, Down the drain

1 Cork =   75-79 points: Mediocre: a drinkable wine that may have minor flaws

2 Corks = 80-85 points: Good: a solid, well-made wine

3 Corks = 85-89 points:  Very good: a wine with special qualities

4 Corks = 90-95 points: Outstanding: a wine of superior character and style

5 Corks = 95-100 points:  Classic: a great wine