Stoneboat Verglas 2014


My Rating 4 Corks

91 Points.   

Price $37 CAD. 

  • Winery: Stoneboat
  • Wine: Verglas
  • Region: BC South Okanagan
  • Grapes: Oraniensteiner and Pinot Blanc


A perfect storm of Intense Noble Rot (a grey fungus, Botrytis cinerea) and an Early Freeze lead to the discovery of this wine in 2006.  It is now known for its unique flavor profile around the world.  Once the Noble rot has shriveled the berries on the Oraniensteiner and Pinot Blanc Vines the temperature has to plunge below -10 before they are harvested.

When Stoneboat made their first Icewine, it was not planned so they did not register the grapes in advance.  This meant they were not able to call it Icewine, so they came up with the name Verglas.

Intense bouquet of apricot jam, orange marmalade, ripe pineapple, honey.

Tastes of Honeyed Fruits, Sweet but not syrupy!

I have been told by the staff at Stoneboat  that this does make an amazing Martini when mixed with Vodka.  This is defiantly great by itself though.


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