SunRock Vineyard Shiraz 2011


One of the great thinks about having family involved in Wine Industry is the great places you get to access.  SunRock Vineyards is 104 acers in the southern part of the Okanagan Valley on the North East side of Osoyoos Lake.

As part of Canada’s only pocket desert, it has an exceptional micro climate. The vineyard is made up of approximately 1,360 vines per acre. Pruned by hand. Vines are thinned both at berry-set and post veraison and are typically hand harvested.

Up in the back of the Vineyard is a wonderful Gazebo that is used for VIP events.  The views from up there are some of the best in the Valley.

The Wine: SUNROCK 2011 SHIRAZ20160919_124517

Aromas of plum, pepper and Spices. Flavors of black cherry, blueberry and pepper.  Nice smooth finish.

3 CORKS 88 PT.thesurface-win_20140901_125816thesurface-win_20140901_125904thesurface-win_20140901_130012thesurface-win_20140901_130435thesurface-win_20140901_131210thesurface-win_20140901_131233


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