Kettle Valley Winery 2011 Riesling

I have  some good friends that had been telling me to try the Kettle Valley Winery Wines.  It turns out they were right. 20160724_182155They have some nice wines and we ended up purchasing some one of which was a 2011 Riesling which I had sitting in my collection.  I finally opened it and was not disappointed!

Great smell, Initial petrol notes on the wine and nice green apple taste.  Crisp and refreshing a pale lemon color.  This has become one of my favorite BC Rieslings!                                Score: 4 CORKS

Little history on Kettle Valley Winery:  Kettle Valley is one of the original wineries on the Naramata Bench, they received the third winery licence on the Naramata Bench.  They started making their wines in the Garage that is now their Tasting Room.  Their first blocks they planted were of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.

Their name is from the old railway that ran through Naramata.  Back in the Early 90’s we use to drive up the old Railway right of way up to Chute Lake.  From the top you have great views of the Naramata Bench.  If you tour through the Naramata Bench make sure you check them out


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