Intersection Winery 2013 Alluvia


You will always hear “wine people” talk about terroir when they talk about wines.  How the soil and climate effected (Good or Bad) the wine. Intersection Winery has a unique block of Merlot in their vineyard were the terroir (soil) dramatically effects the wine.  These vines are only a few yards away from each other.  They harvested the grapes at the same time and used the same methods to make each wine the Alluvia and the Silica. This is a great example of how soil composition can deeply effect a wine’s flavour.  The Alluvia’s terroir is of rock and silt soils while the Silica’s terroir is a sandy soil.

Terroir : Basically in easy to understand words, how a particular region’s climate, soils and terrain affect the taste of wine.


2013 Alluvia

Big Flavors, plum & fig, black Currant and earthy minerals.  Medium intensity with velvety tannins.

Nice complexity and elegance.  I preferred it to the Sillica.

Score: 3.5 Corks


2013 Silica

Plum, Ripe cherry, vanilla and light oak flavors. I think a little more pop in your mouth

Score: 3.5 Cork

So give it a try, go out and grab a bottle of each and see how terror can change a wine from just a couple rows apart.


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