Copper Canyon


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Comments from Dale Graham:

This is an Amazing cruise that I did a couple years ago.  I only happens every couple years and is one that most people never get to do.  Sailing the Sea of Cortez, between Baja California and Mainland Mexico.  This area has been called the “Galapagos of the North” and ” Aquarium of the World” by Jacques Cousteau.  

The Highlight of my trip was Going to the Copper Canyon which is Larger and Deeper than the Grand Canyon.  In order to get to the canyon you need to take the The most popular way is by train, as the Ferrocarril Chihuahua al Pacífico or ChePe.  On this 6 plus hour train ride you will see amazing views of the canyons.  Once to the top of the Canyon you will be able to visit and learn the history of  the Tarahumara or Rarámuri. The Rarámuri people are known for their endurance running. Living in the canyons, they travel great vertical distances, which they often do by running nonstop for hours. A popular Rarámuri community race called rarajipari, is played by kicking a wooden ball along the paths of the steep canyons.  I have attached a couple photos that i had from my trip. This was a trip I will never forget!!

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Inside $ 2057 Per Person
Oceanview $2777 Per Person
Balcony $4017 Per Person

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Vacation Information: 12 days Mexico cruise.

Ship Name: Azamara Quest

Itinerary:Los Angeles, California – At Sea – At Sea – Mazatlan, Mexico – La Paz, Mexico – Topolobampo, Mexico – Guaymas, Mexico – Loreto, Mexico – Loreto, Mexico – Cabo San Lucas, Mexico – At Sea – At Sea – Los Angeles, California

For full details on this vacation click here: 12 days Mexico cruise.

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